Pregnancy: 10 reasons why we love you!


Pregnancy is a glorious, wondrous time, right? The time where you glow. The time where you carry the miracle of life wherever you go. All of that is true, but it is also the time where you glow because you’ve just spent half the morning with your head down the loo, that miracle of life is carried right on top of your bladder most of the time and the fact that you can’t even wear your normal shoes is a cause for hysterical tears. But we thought that it was too easy to complain about the joys of pregnancy, so we asked you for ten things you love about those special nine months. And here they are! Pregnancy: 10 reasons why we love you!

pregnancy: ten reasons why we love

  • Improvements to skin and hair. @Laurenbloxham told us that she loved the fact her hair became thick and her skin nice and plump! The reason for this is actually just an illusion! Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you start to produce more or thicker hair, it means that the rate at which it falls out slows right down. And as for the skin? That’s caused by extra moisture retained under the skin during pregnancy. This makes the skin literally glow, and also smooths out lines and wrinkles. So make the most of your lustrous locks and youthful complexions ladies!
  • Body confidence. @IamAlisonPerry told us that she loved being able to wear tight dresses during her pregnancy and stated that it was the only time she felt she could! While many will advise you not to wear clothes that are too tight during pregnancy (you don’t want to be uncomfortable, and clothes that are too tight can cause undue swelling apparently) a good quality bodycon dress made from either spandex or lycra can be perfect for the growing bump. It will you in and support you- and make your bump look fantastic!
  • Taking it easy on yourself. Lots of us rush around in our busy lives, but when we have another person growing inside us and relying on us- and only us-to keep them safe and healthy, it can have a surprising turn around effect. Lucy (@lift_pt) told us that she loved being able to take naps when she needed them and that this was one of her favourite reasons for loving pregnancy. Take some time to be kind to yourself.
  • Eating your favourite foods without guilt. This one was echoed by many. Not that we advocate not eating your favourite foods without guilt outside of pregnancy. And not that we advocate not eating healthily during pregnancy either. But for a lot of women, life is one long diet, or a path of restriction and for many being pregnant lifts this a little. @Twile told us that she loved eating cake without guilt and @bobblebardsley told us that from a male perspective, dining out with a pregnant lady meant that he could order a 160z steak without feeling guilty! So why do we feel we can only indulge in foods we really like during pregnancy? Would love to know your thoughts on this.
  • Free dental care. A little out there, but pregnant women in the UK are entitled to it so why not make the most of  it?
  • Feeling baby wriggle and kick. Hands down, this has to be one of the best reasons to love being pregnant. @LJWtweets told us she missed her bump a lot, and @messyjesse13 told us that each and every movement during her pregnancy so was so precious to her. Some women feel movements as early as 13 weeks and each wriggle and kick helps the whole family to bond with the bump too.
  • Knowing you are creating a miracle. It might sound cheesy but it’s true! @alicanavan told us this was her one reason for loving pregnancy and for lots of women it is enough to keep them going through morning sickness and everything else. And if you think about it, the trek that the sperm has to go through to get to the egg is pretty tough going so the fact that it gets there at all and is able to develop into your baby really is a miracle. One of life’s best.
  • People find they have manners… @mommycrunch told us that she loved the fact people opened doors or gave up their seats when she was pregnant. The politeness of strangers can be kind of charming.
  • The hormones.  Hear me out, before you declare “Damn those hormones!”. Think about it. When you’re pregnant it’s more ok to let people know what you think and it’s ok to release emotions when you like too. Don’t keep it in- let it out and see how great you feel afterwards!
  • Maternity leave. You can take up to 12 months off work with your baby. What’s not to love?


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