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SnoozeShade is fabulous. You know that. I know that. And yes, I’m a bit biased but what the heck! I’ve just come back from the USA, where I’ve been telling everyone about how fab everything Snoozey is. So whilst I’m drawing breath, I thought I’d share some of my favourite comments from people who love all things SnoozeShade nearly as much as I do…

First to report on SnoozeShade is Mom’s life made easy. Ellery says:

Ellery is Mom who loves all things SnoozeShade - SnoozeShade is "brilliant"

SnoozeShade is the perfect item for taking you little one out in public and protecting him from sun exposure (UPF 50), light, and “stranger-danger.”… I don’t say this often, but SnoozeShade is one of those items that I am kicking myself I didn’t have back when my kids were infants!  I was one of those Mommies who always had the blanket tucked around the infant carrier to block out the sun while baby was sleeping, and more importantly to keep strangers from man-handling my baby.  I never did understand strangers who thought it was ok to put their germy hands all over my baby’s face, or worse to ask to hold him! “No, you may not because I don’t know you!”

Next up is a UK based mum, who has a lovely blog called “Dulwich Mum” who tested the SnoozeShade on both a Bugaboo and her Phil & Ted buggies….

Dulwich Mum loved SnoozeShade so much that she couldn't find anything negative to say about itEase of Use: The Snoozeshade is easy to attach using the flexible veclro straps and even I, with zero sleep, birds-nest hair and an inability to recall my own name through complete exhaustion, am able to quickly and easily fix to the buggy….
Cons: I am struggling to find any cons for this product. It is great value especially for something that can not only make such a difference to your little ones routine but give you your freedom back too. The design is simple, sleek and functional covering all areas. The only Con that springs to mind is that I didn’t come up with this idea first but you can’t win them all!

And finally, (for today, at least…) I want to share Mummy’s Life with you. She reviewed our SnoozeShade car seat cover and I really liked her honesty about how tricky it is to get a second child to sleep when you’re taking the first one out and about to playgroups….

Mummy's Life reviewed SnoozeShade and thought it was great for a small baby...

Baby was shattered by the time we left and fell asleep on the two minute drive home, so I figured I had nothing to lose in trying again. So on the shade went and we made it in to the house, set him down on the floor (the point he normally wakes) and by some miracle he stayed asleep. I felt like rejoicing, but I was anticipating him waking up quite quickly. So when half an hour later he woke I felt like dancing for joy around the house.  This product gets a big thumbs up from me, it definitely works. Even as a small baby we struggled to move from car to house without waking him. He was a winter baby so the drastic change in temperature woke him. I wish I’d discovered the snoozeshade a long time ago; it would have made my life a whole lot easier and prevented baby from being disturbed.

What do you like best about your SnoozeShade? We think we should be a gift for every set of new parents, but it’s so much better when other people are lining up to do it for us – I love sharing the difference that SnoozeShade’s make to the lives of families. It’s what keeps me going day, night and everything in-between!!!

Cara x

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