Light up Twitter for Matilda Mae on 7 March


I can still remember being on Facebook, in between playing frivolous games of Farmville, when I  saw a shocking message from Jennie Nairn (Edspire) to say that her beloved daughter Matilda Mae had been taken from her.

What did she mean – had she been kidnapped? Slowly the facts emerged and it was confirmed that Matilda Mae – one of the cutest and happiest of babies – had died of unexplained causes at just 9 months old.

One person’s loss has touched so many people

Matilda Mae’s death has touched so many, so many parents have held their children that little bit closer and cuddled them that little bit more since this sad news.  I know I have.

Jennie is a lovely friendly lady and has always seemed to be a fantastic interactive mother to her twins and was so clearly delighted to have been blessed by Matilda Mae’s arrival.  It is so sad that bad things can happen to lovely people.

I have sent several messages to Jenny and have thought about what she must be going through (which I can only imagine) on a daily basis. As the mother of one little girl, it breaks my heart to think of how unbearable it all must be. But amazingly, Jenny is keeping strong, offering help to other people at the same time as using Twitter and Facebook to help her express herself.

I have wanted to do something to show Jennie that we, in the virtual world of Twitter and Facebook, will really be thinking of her on March 7th and I have come up with an idea that I have run past Jennie and I am glad to say she liked.

Swap your Twitter & Facebook picture for Matilda’s star on 7 March

I thought it would be lovely if we could show our support for the whole family on the day of Matilda Mae’s funeral on March 7th – and so I designed a picture.  I will replace my Twitter avatar and my Facebook page picture with this for the day. If enough people do it then Jennie’s timeline will be full of little stars for Matilda Mae. I have included a little star each for Esther and William as well as for Jennie and David.

It’s probably not the most professional picture in the world but I have used my Powerpoint skills to the max. I know Jennie likes it ;-)

I’ve attached the picture so anyone can download it and use it. Simply right click on the picture and you’ll be able to save it. Do let me know if there are any problems.

Donate to Matilda’s Precious Star fund for Bliss

In addition, I know that the family are supporting Bliss so if you’d like to go one step further and make a donation the link is here. I know it’ll be very much appreciated.

Big hugs to Jennie and her family – join me in putting Matilda’s star up on 7th March.




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