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Let people who use SnoozeShade products tell you how it makes their lives easier.

Here is some of the feedback we get from SnoozeShade customers – there are more in the reviews section of each product:

“I saw the SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats on the internet and thought it looked brilliant. At the time my twin girls were 3 months old and I had them on a strict routine. We live in Abu Dhabi, UAE so, as you can imagine, its very bright here all year round, and my girls wouldn’t sleep for very long when I took them out. The SnoozeShades have changed all that! I knew then that I could go out at any time of the day, even at sleep times, and the girls would still get to have a good sleep without being distracted by bright sunlight or lights in shopping malls etc. I think I can safely say they have saved my sanity!!” Amanda, Abu Dhabi, UAE

“This is an essential bit of kit for anyone with a baby. My 3 month old would constantly wake up the minute we walked into a bright shop or noisy cafe. The SnoozeShade just manages to keep him asleep that little bit longer, fantastic for maintaining routine and ensuring baby does not get over tired. A major plus is also the fact that the shade has a UV filter. This gives such peace of mind during hot summer days. The maxi-cosi sunshade is just not low enough to protect small eyes from the bright sun. This is where the snoozeshade comes in very handy!” Laura, UK

“Having a summer baby I was paranoid about the sun’s harmful rays and keeping my son safe so I was thrilled when I tried the SnoozeShade out on our maxi-cosi car seat and it fitted perfectly. I also discovered it is the ideal sunshade for my iCandy peach jogger carrycot and my Mylo carrycot. So it has more than one use!  I loved how easy the product is to use! You literally slide over! It is also adaptable! Works for carrycots too! As well as on car seat in car, solo or as travel system. It also gave me peace of mind. Knowing I didn’t have to worry about harmful rays on my precious newborn’s skin! What I love is that it creates a totally dark environment for baby to sleep in so is great for use all year round if you have a baby that will only sleep in a dark place so you can use it in bright shopping centres!”  Hayley, UK

“I am a mother of 8 and have already tried the JJ Cole car seat cover, the elastic broke and the Velcro came off. I was looking into this one for some time and finally got it, I love it so much, it is big for those bulky car seats, dark for nap time, and stylish, I have gotten so many compliments it is crazy. The largest benefit is that no one comes up to me trying to touch my baby, it keeps the privacy factor going. I love this cover and would buy tons more for friends if they were having any children.” Jeremy, USA

“The SnoozeShade really changed our life. We bought it to go on holiday. Our son really only likes to sleep in his cot which is great for most days, but not for when we want to be out and about. With the SnoozeShade he was able to sleep in his pram and we were able to enjoy our holiday. Highly recommend this product!” Faye, UK

“We bought this when we went abroad for the first time with our 4 month old. When we went out for dinner in the evening we’d have our baby ready for bed, put him to sleep in the pram (we have a Bugaboo Cameleon and it fits perfectly) and he’d sleep the whole time we were out which really was fantastic.”  Roo, UK

“I bought SnoozeShade Original for our second son, after having battled with pashminas & curtain rings/hairclips to help our older son nap in the pram. We bought another universal sunshade but it is so big and clunky that I think I only used it once and it was quite expensive. The SnoozeShade has been totally brilliant and am sure is the reason I can get so many jobs done while my son sleeps soundly in his nice dark pram! He easily does a 2hr nap with it. Without it, he would be wide awake after 40mins – especially if I go into a shop. We have the Phil & Ted’s Vibe and it attaches very well, as with the Maclaren Quest. We took it to Australia where equally we were extremely happy with how it helped us to go out and about whilst our son slept in the pram. It was peak Summer, so temperatures were at least 30 degrees. Even though it is black it wasn’t a problem with the heat, the UV fabric ensured he was protected from the sun, and it also allows breeze to pass through as the fabric is made up of very fine holes. All in all, I can highly recommend the SnoozeShade to anyone who has a little person who is much happier to see what’s going on around them than go to sleep in the pram!” Mia, UK

“This worked wonders on holiday. As my husband put it: ‘a stroke of genius!’ Would definitely recommend this, perfect for holidays and naps out and about.” Lou, UK

“Being an active mum and teaching a number of outdoor exercise classes, I really wanted my twins to be able to have their lunchtime nap in their Buggy. The Snoozeshade Twin has been the perfect solution for me. My twins sleep soundly and comfortably under the Snoozeshade – so much so, they don’t sleep anywhere else at lunchtime now! I would highly recommend this product, we love it so much we bought the single version for our 2 smaller buggies too!” Melissa, UK

“I have twins and this has been on three holidays now, Egypt, Tenerife and Orlando so its well travelled, still fits our buggy well after using for these holidays, perfect to keep the girls cool and away from the sun while they sleep.
I would recommend any mum or dad with two children to get one of these, this has meant we could sit in the sun and girls slept knowing they were being kept cool and not burning in the sun.” Sarah, UK

“The twin snoozeshade is fabulous! An absolute must have. I have tried other sun covers/ black out covers and none are as good as this one. Light weight, durable and easy to use. I took mine on holiday to sunny South Africa and it worked brilliantly when my babies wanted to sleep in the pram! It’s also easy to carry as it folds up very small and doesn’t weigh much. Excellent product.” Taryn, UK

“I bought this product on recommendation and it has been brilliant! Looking after twins it is essential to me that they settle to sleep by themselves when out and about just as they do when at home too (no sleeping in motion in either a buggy or car seat for us). The SnoozeShade Plus helps me recreate their bedroom as it is at naptime by offering a blackout environment on the go, just as they are used to at home.
As it approaches naptime, I keep my buggy still, take out the compact bag that holds the snoozeshade, fix the snoozeshade on my buggy using the many velcro straps provided and attach it to just about anything that will take the strap on my Bugaboo pushchair so no light seeps through. I wait through a few minutes of murmuring and then bliss! I double-check that the babies are not pulling my leg by opening the zip a tiny bit to have a peek and then away I go! I have even used it over their car seats too – I cannot wait for the new snoozeshade for cotbeds, perfect for when I am on holiday or at granny’s!” Iram, UK

“Brilliant product, my little one refuses to sleep when we are out, he’s 11 months old and last week for the first time he slept for 45 minutes in his buggy! The SnoozeShade Plus has opened new doors for us :-) I cant wait to try out the travel cot shade now, we’re off on holiday next month and both of these products will be coming with me, to be able to have my little one nap when out is a blessing and not having to worry about the sun so much will be fabulous too!” Amy, UK

“I was searching the internet for a shade that provided better SPF protection than the one made by the manufacturer of my stroller. Found many reviews raving about SnoozeShade. It took only two attempts to fit the SnoozeShade Plus to the stroller. I just needed to adjust the shade to its midway point on the stroller and fitting was a snap. Our summer so far has been super HOT and humid. Taking my Grandson out for a stroll near the river and woods requires protection from the sun, heat, and insects. SnoozeShade Plus provides that protection while keeping baby comfy and cool. Simply brilliant. Love it! Thank you.” Stefanie, USA

“Four months on & I’m still loving my Snoozeshade Plus and use it daily, in fact it has never been taken off my Bugaboo! When indoors or not in use I just undo the velcro behind the seat back and roll the SnoozeShade down into the footwelll of the pram. The cute little carry bag is still waiting patiently in the basket of my pram, but isn’t getting any lovin, unlike the SnoozeShade :D Fave things about it and why I would recommend it to my friends: Blocks out all light & distractions Breathable and lightweight sun protection, sooo important for babies under Australia’s harsh sun I get more than one sleep cycle from her when I use SnoozeShade, it helps her to resettle I love the peek-a-boo feature to be able to peek in to see her asleep. Fits every pram, if I ever upgrade prams (Eg. When baby 2 comes along) I can still use it. Would be, by far, the best baby item I’ve bought to date :O Just wish I’d thought of it.” Sarah, Australia

“The SnoozeShade Plus is such a fantastic product- my little girl (10m) happily has two decent naps in her buggy every day because it is nice and dark- that’s priceless to me! It is wide enough to pull down the sides of my maclaren xt a little so the light doesn’t get in that way, and it is long enough to be able to attach it to the foot rest at the bottom which stops her being able to pull on it while she’s still awake! Before having a SnoozeShade I used to wrap a large lightweight blanket over the buggy for my first little girl and people would stop me and tell me they were worried she couldn’t breathe properly in there! With an obviously especially designed product I don’t get that reaction anymore! One more thing- watch the videos on how to attach it because they gave me some more ideas to get my SnoozeShade working even better than before with my buggy.” Kathy, UK

“I can totally recommend SnoozeShade Plus. It is breathable and works wonders on a hot sunshiny day when your little one can’t sleep because of the sun in its face. My little one is usually fast asleep within 5 mins of putting it on. We recently took ours to Disney and it was brilliant at keeping Tom as near to his sleep routine as possible as we could use it in the evenings too.” Lorraine, UK

“I love SnoozeShade for Cots. I don’t know what we would have done without it. My baby son sleeps in a temporary room, with glass ceiling and glass french doors, next to our lounge room (where our TV is) – so we got it to block out the majority of the light (the product promises 94% block out which it certainly delivers on) and any other distractions that might wake or stop him sleeping eg. us walking nearby, lights, TV flickering etc. It does a fantastic job and my son sleeps really well – we believe as a result of this product (this is our second child, so speaking from experience). It also means when we go on holidays this year we can take it with us too, no matter what the holiday apartment offers we are able to guarantee the same environment for him to sleep.” Helen, Netherlands

“The SnoozeShade for Cots was invaluable for us. We used the pram SnoozeShade throughout the days of our holiday for daytime sleeps and then at night time we popped the SnoozeShade for Cots onto his porta-cot. It was fabulous as it did not matter if we had to share a room with bub or not as he could not see us to distract him so he would actually go to sleep. Both SnoozeShades were indispensable on our holiday and my mother and sister in law were really impressed with the ease at which bub could sleep anywhere.” Cathy, Australia

“I absolutely love SnoozeShade for Cots. Great for when we’ve been away and the room is too light. There are so many different ways that you can arrange this – either just the sides of the cot covered, or half done-up at the top, or totally zipped up (with a tiny bit unzipped in the corner, for extra breathing space;-) It is really light to carry around, and means that early morning wakings won’t happen because the room is too light. I wondered what my daughter would think if she woke up and tried to stand up, but it doesn’t seem to phase her at all. We’re really pleased we got this.” Nicky, UK